Ford F750 Super Duty

The Ford F750 is a versatile commercial truck offered by Ford’s fleet division.  The bed can be fitted with a large variety of work related options like a spreader/sprayer, dump truck, tool cabinets, booms, and the list goes on.  A big engine is needed to handle these big jobs, so the F750 comes with your choice of a 6.7 turbo diesel by Cummins or 7.2 liter turbo diesel by Caterpillar.  Other Ford F750 specs include three cab options, regular, super and crew.  A multi-leaf live axle. Five manual transmission options and four automatic transmission options.  That ought to keep you busy if you are buying new and like to sort through each option individually.

Prices for the Ford F750 pickup vary widely according to year, mileage, and whats attached to it.  For example, a regular truck bed will cost much less than if a dump were attached.  Expect to pay around $60,000 new for basic models and possibly over $100,000 depending on the options and use.  Naturally if you find a used Ford F750 for sale you can expect to pay much less.

Ford F750 Spreader

Ford F750 Spreader

The picture above is of an F750 spreader.  I found one for sale online that was listed for $39,900.  It was a 2005 and had 119,000 miles on it so you can only imagine what one of these things cost new.  The good news is that these trucks and their diesel engines tend to last for a long time so it’s not uncommon to see some with well over 200,000 miles on them.  Of course, with how much a new one of these costs, I imagine there is a lot of focus on maintenance and upkeep.

F750 Tool Truck

F750 Tool Truck

The tool box bed should give you an idea of just how versatile the Ford F750 truck can be.  There are almost endless possibilities.  That really goes for the entire super duty line offered by Ford feet.  There are ambulances, school buses, tow trucks, and various others.  One thing I find interesting is that most people never notice these trucks even though they are everywhere.  I guess it has something to do with their commercial use, but once you know what to look for you start seeing them everyday.  It’s kind of like buying a new car.  You get all excited and think it’s unique and defines you as an individual and then as soon as you roll off the lot it seems like every person on the road has the exact same car.  It’s funny how the brain works sometimes.

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